+ Alzheimers/Dementia
+ Asthma
+ Autoimmune Diseases
+ Cancer
+ Diabetes
+ Heart Disease
+ Lyme Disease
+ Multiple Sclerosis


Disease Management

If you, your spouse, your child or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness - such as cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, an autoimmune disease or Alzheimer's - educating yourself on the disease and managing the disease become top priorities. What you know about your condition can make a difference in how you approach each day. Patient care is a team sport - primary care doctors, specialists, patients, and family members should be part of the team. Just as doctors strive to communicate effectively with patients, equal effort must be made by patients and their "team" to communicate effectively with all those involved in providing health care.

During the diagnosis process it is vital that you document, track and discuss your symptoms with your doctor(s). If you are diagnosed with a disease, it is equally important to consistently document, track and report your condition to your doctor(s). All of your health care providers need to be kept informed of your treatment for the disease, so that other medical treatments do not interfere, but rather, work in conjunction with the treatment being prescribed.

MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer makes it easy to document and organize doctor visits, treatments, medications and any side effects. Copies of test results, as well as a record of disease symptoms, their severity and possible triggers and reactions are also kept in the Organizer where they can be easily located when needed. Learn More >>

Benefits of MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer

  • Helps keep track and document your medical history,
  • By having your health issues documented, you will not have to try and remember exactly what you discussed with your doctor,
  • Helps to relieve some of the stress of an illness or disease,
  • Helps you coordinate your health care treatments between specialists,
  • Documents your insurance information all in one convenient location no more tearing the house apart trying to find a specific insurance reimbursement form,
  • Helps ease the burden of caregivers because they now have all of the pertinent information in one location,
  • All of your biographical data is readily available for your family, health care specialists or other caregivers,
  • You never know when you might need the results of a certain medical test,
  • Even though you think that you will never forget the name of a prescription, when you had a biopsy done or when you child had what immunization, it is all right there,
  • With prescription medicine recalls on the rise you will know exactly when you took what drugs, the dosage and why you were prescribed them,
  • Helps ease the transition of changing doctors you have your past medical history all ready for your new doctor,
  • Documents your symptoms so when you go to the doctor you are less likely to forget any important symptoms,
  • All of the information available if you are ever interested in participating in a clinical trial/study and helps to determine if you are qualified to participate,
  • As you move or relocate you will be able to easily recall and discuss your medical history and information with your new medical professionals,
  • If an emergency arises you will have your medical history available instead of having to try and remember what doctor or hospital to contact for the information,
  • Easily transported, it can go where you go.

"Our Goal is to Help You Manage Your Health for Life" TM

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