+ Alzheimers/Dementia
+ Asthma
+ Autoimmune Diseases
+ Cancer
+ Diabetes
+ Heart Disease
+ Lyme Disease
+ Multiple Sclerosis

To make it simple for you... MyPROTM Medical comes complete with:

  • Sixteen Health Tracking Forms
  • Include medication history, symptom tracking, and a place to log questions for your doctor as they arise during your treatment.
  • MyPROTM Medical CD-ROM
  • Patented PanaVUTM System
  • consisting of twelve-expandable and labeled Folders designed specifically to help you keep an accurate record of tests, diagnoses, treatments, insurance paperwork and more.


    "Autoimmune diseases remain among the most poorly understood and poorly recognized of any category of illnesses."

    "There are currently over 80 different diseases categorized as an Autoimmune Disease, including Cohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia - Fibromyositis, Grave's Disease, Guillain-Barre' Syndrome, Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythamatosus-SLE), Psoriasis, Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's Disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis."

    Because of the difficulty in diagnosing and treating many of these diseases, you will need to keep track of an overwhelming amount of information to ensure that your doctor is prescribing the best course of treatment for your specific situation.

    You need to:

    • Document your symptoms day by day to determine things that trigger symptoms and things that curb symptoms
    • Track your routine medications including side-effects and the positive responses to your medications
    • Track any new drugs/medications prescribed
    • Track lab and diagnostic study results (Note, it is important that all of your Healthcare providers have all your records to track results over time and compare previous results to detect trends, patterns, and any changes in your illness or disease state)
    • Adhere to your Healthcare provider's plan of care
    • Maintain a thorough account of symptoms, feelings, responses to treatments and other influences will help your Healthcare provider's individualize a treatment plan for you

    The MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer takes some of the stress out of your every day worries by helping you easily track and monitor all of your medications, treatments, and test results. By carefully monitoring your condition and following a well structured plan of treatment, you increase your chances of a successful diagnosis and treatment plan.

    The MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer provides a centralized place to keep all of your medical research, test results, and medication tracking so that you can:

    • Make it easy for a spouse/relative/partner or friend to find your medical records when they are needed or in case of an emergency
    • Easily document and track your specific symptoms and things that trigger them day by day
    • Simplify the process of adhering to your specific care plan
    • Keep track of any problems or complications that result from new drugs or treatments that you are undergoing
    • Easily locate results of lab and diagnostic results
    • Keep paperwork from your insurance company and physicians in a safe easy to find location, including contact information for all of your doctors who have treated you or provided follow-up care
    • Never have to worry about trying to explain the details of your health care to someone else (such as another doctor or caregiver).

    You understand the importance of organizing your medical records so let us help you make it a reality.

    If you're still not sure that the MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is right for you...

    Click Here and Take a Complete Tour of the Organizer

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