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To make it simple for you... MyPROTM Medical comes complete with:

  • Sixteen Health Tracking Forms
  • Include medication history, symptom tracking, and a place to log questions for your doctor as they arise during your treatment.
  • MyPROTM Medical CD-ROM
  • Patented PanaVUTM System
  • consisting of twelve-expandable and labeled Folders designed specifically to help you keep an accurate record of tests, diagnoses, treatments, insurance paperwork and more.


    "Instead of a baby book that will just sit on the shelf, why not a Unique, Personalized, Baby Gift that new parents will use for years to come? A Baby Gift that truly benefits a child for life"

    Are you looking for an unusual but unique baby gift? Your search has ended!

    The MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is a gift that can be used by the new parents the moment the newborn arrives and continued to be used for the child's entire life.

    Within the personalized, hard-bound, enclosed organizer that includes the patented PanaVUTM system consisting of twelve-separate expandable Folders is the perfect place to store those precious first hand and foot prints. It is also the ideal place to safeguard all of the other beautiful first memories including official hospital photo and birth certificate. Many parents are now choosing to give their child a family name or choosing an unusual name and one of those beloved items to have and keep is the reason behind the name that was chosen.

    "With the excitement of expecting a newborn, many parents may be overwhelmed with all of duties expected of them."

    Your gift of MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer will help the new parents give their newborn a priceless gift - the gift of their health records from the start of their life. The personal health records organizer is designed to safeguard and provide easy reference for items like baby immunization records, well baby check-ups, and developmental milestones.

    No other gift will be as appreciated or as valued by the new parents as the MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer because as a parent they will be able to make the best possible health choices concerning their newborn.

    "No more trying to remember medical details from the sleep deprived haze!"

    It will all be located in your special unique baby gift! Your gift will help them now and in the future as the new parents try and remember all of the immunizations, prescriptions, and childhood diseases. Those records will be used time and time again as the baby grows and enters into different chapters in their life.

    The MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer comes with a personalized name plate and provides your gift with that extra special touch. No need to worry if you are unsure what the parents are going to name their new bundle of joy. We understand that in some cases naming of the newborn is a carefully guarded secret until the big arrival day. Each organizer will come with an order form that the parents or you can return with the personalized information on it.

    You understand the importance of finding a baby gift that will be appreciated and will benefit the child for their entire life. Let us help you make it a reality.

    In addtion, for a limited time,you will also get one of the following beautiful baby gifts at no additional cost.

    A beautiful Pink
    "Angel Kisses"
    Baby Blanket

    A beautiful Blue
    "Angel Kisses"
    Baby Blanket

    The seven-piece
    "Infant Medi-Kit"

    Sit back and smile, you have just ordered one of the most priceless and considerate baby gifts ever!

    If you're still not sure that the MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is right for you...

    Click Here and Take a Complete Tour of the Organizer

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