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To make it simple for you... MyPROTM Medical comes complete with:

  • Sixteen Health Tracking Forms
  • Include medication history, symptom tracking, and a place to log questions for your doctor as they arise during your treatment.
  • MyPROTM Medical CD-ROM
  • Patented PanaVUTM System
  • consisting of twelve-expandable and labeled Folders designed specifically to help you keep an accurate record of tests, diagnoses, treatments, insurance paperwork and more.


    "Congratulations - You are expecting! If this is your first pregnancy or your third, this is a time in your life when taking care of your body and making healthy choices are very important."

    You want to make all of the right choices for your unborn child and you probably are being bombarded from all fronts with information on how to go about this very important task.

    All the questions for your doctor about what is common, what symptoms you're having, and what changes to expect in your body, are perfectly normal and important questions that you should be asking your doctor.

    If your pregnancy is considered high risk or if you had fertility issues in the past having all of your medical information in one location will help all of your health care providers make the best possible decisions regarding healthcare for you and your unborn baby.

    The MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer was designed to assist you in making the best possible decisions regarding your health care and the baby's. It will help you easily track and monitor all of your prenatal doctor visits along with all of the prenatal testing. An informed woman is better prepared to make the best decisions possible regarding her pregnancy and all of her health related issues.

    "When it's time to go to the hospital for your delivery, you may be perfectly calm, but it's doubtful that those around you will be."

    As you prepare for the trip to the hospital all of your medical information will be in one location along with any instructions you may have for the labor and delivery staff. No running around in the middle of the night trying to remember where you put all of your hospital checklists, insurance information and breastfeeding questions. It will all be in one location, in a professional personalized organizer ready for the trip to the hospital.

    "One of the best ways to ensure a child's health and welfare is to record every piece of medical documentation beginning with their birth certificate and newborn care information before you even leave the hospital."

    As you know, the health and welfare of a newborn child is the primary concern of every loving parent. Enjoy this special time in your life and know that by compiling your child's medical history, you are giving your newborn child one of the best gifts possible.

    Why should I go to the trouble of organizing all of my new baby's medical records

    • In a fast paced world, what parent has the time to search through stacks of papers or make calls to various medical facilities to find an important medical record or obtain a medical result in a time of need?
    • Chalk it up to Murphy's Law, but 9 times out of 10 it seems that medical issues arise outside of "normal business hours" and you are out of luck if you need to get medical information from your primary doctor's office.
    • When an emergency arises, who has the presence of mind to recall the important family medical history that just might make the difference between a good or bad medical decision made on behalf of a child?

    We all know information is power. The kind of power we offer through our personalized MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is the power to allow you and your doctor to make the most fully informed medical decision for your precious child because, now, all of your child's medical records are in one convenient, easily accessible place.

    You understand the importance of organizing your child's medical records so let us help you make it a reality.

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    If you're still not sure that the MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is right for you...

    Click Here and Take a Complete Tour of the Organizer

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