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"If all of a sudden you're many miles from home with a medical provider who is having to basically recreate your medical history from scratch, it's a terrific problem."

Problems like this were dramatized after Hurricane Katrina, when thousands of evacuees needed medical treatment from doctors who knew nothing about them. Many patients were unable to tell doctors important information ranging from medications they were taking to allergies to immunizations to details of their critical health problems.

"If you go to an emergency room in your own hospital or halfway across the world, or even if you change physicians, you need to have your information available."

Your MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer includes an electronic copy of sixteen Health Tracking forms found in your Organizer. You can use the CD-ROM to print additional copies of the forms to complete by hand, or you can fill out, save and update the forms right on your computer and print them to include a copy in your Organizer.

To make it easy for you, the forms are available in two formats - Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Word 2003. The CD-ROM also includes important links to informative health management and disease specific websites.

"Ensure that you have a copy of your most important medical records available to you anywhere at anytime!"

Although our country is moving toward standard electronic medical records for everyone that can be accessed from anywhere, it's a very controversial subject. Health officials, government policy-makers, and privacy advocates are grappling with big questions, including who's going to pay for it, who will have access, and how can you can protect your personal and private information.

There are private services that will store your medical records online for a fee, but they can be expensive and some companies have recurring monthly fees. Again, there is the question of privacy. Time and time again we hear about large companies that 'accidentally' released all of their customers' private information or the information was taken illegally!

Do you really want to take that risk?

The MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer CD-ROM provides an affordable and easy to use solution to your problem By utilizing the MyPROTM CD-ROM, you will have access to your medical records from anywhere in the world!

Here's how you do it. Simply fill out your personalized MyPROTM forms on the CD-ROM, print a copy for your Organizer, and send yourself an email with your secure medical file attached. If you don't have an email account, you can easily create a free account with Yahoo, HotMail, or Google. By doing this, you will have your important medical information available to you anywhere there is internet access.

If you're still not sure that the MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is right for you...

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