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What the Experts are Saying

If every patient that is referred to me came with a complete set of their records it would be unbelievable! Over 50% of the time we have not received a new patient's records before they come for their appointment.
S. Williams, M.D.

Many of our patient's are seniors and have trouble remembering what their last doctor told them or what medicine's they have been prescribed. It is our procedure to always print off any instructions our doctor gives to the patient, and we give them a copy of any prescriptions. The Organizer is an excellent tool for them to put all this information into and be able to refer back to it when they have questions.
K. King, RN

I recently saw a new patient with abdominal problems that came to our office with his past records. I suggested several tests that we would need to order and was amazed when the patient opened his health records Organizer and produced the results of the same tests that his referring physician had already had performed. It saved the patient valuable time and expense.
With over 20 million adults over age 20 have chronic kidney disease, it would be great if they all could have a health records Organizer to help them track and manage their disease.
W. Lee, M.D.

Gone are the days when a primary care physician can spend 15 to 20 minutes with each patient. Staff physicians with one of the largest HMOs in the country see on average 40 patients per shift! Patient's that keep informed of their health, have their records and prescriptions, follow the doctor's instructions, and come to the doctor's office with written questions, tend to have better visit outcomes.
K. Wells, RN, Practice Administrator

The health records Organizer is highly recommended for all of our infertility patients. Treatment for infertility typically spans an extended period of time. The Organizer is a great management tool for keeping accurate records and for detailing the progress and results.
A. Agarwal, M.D.

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