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Patented, hard-bound and enclosed Organizer
(five colors to choose from)

The complete Health Records Organizer system

Twelve-Labeled Expandable Folders

Tools to Collect, Store, and Protect
(business card holder-not shown)

24-page Instruction & Resource Guide
"Important Medical Records Information"

Over 20 Health Tracking Forms and Resource Pages

CD-ROM containing electronic versions of all Health Tracking Forms

Every Organizer is Personalized with Engraved Name Plate

MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer is a superior quality management system to help you take control of your health. MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer comes complete with the following:

  • Patented, hard-bound and enclosed Organizer with 12 separate, expandable folders

  • This Organizer is the ultimate health records management tool -- it organizes your medical information in an intuitive, logical format and it's built to last! Plus, its professional look and design makes it a welcome addition to any bookshelf.

  • Informative 24-page Instruction & Resource Guide

  • The included easy-to-follow and informative Instruction Guide walks you through a six step process to request and collect your health records (including military medical records). It provides valuable resources and information for Caregivers, as well as those managing disease; and also includes guidance on setting up legal documents including a Living Will and/or Durable Power of Attorney.

  • Sixteen-Health Tracking Forms and Resource Pages

  • We've included forms and checklists to help you journal your medical history, as well as to ensure you are collecting the proper medical information every time you visit your doctor, a specialist, or a lab for tests.

  • Business Card Holder to store cards of doctors, specialists, pharmacies and more

  • The business card holder helps you keep all of your medical information in one central location. Use it to store the name of doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics, labs, testing centers and more.

  • CD-ROM containing electronic versions of all Health Tracking Forms, as well as links to important, relevant health management information

  • All of the health tracking forms found in your MyPRO Medical are contained on the included CD-ROM*. The forms are formatted for both Adobe® Acrobat® and Microsoft® Word® and give you the option to print the form to be filled out by hand, or fill it using your computer. If you are running Adobe Acrobat® or Microsoft® Word®, you can even keep an electronic copy right on your computer for easy tracking and updating.

  • Your Organizer will be customized at no additional cost with an engraved name plate

  • Our elegant, engraved name plate makes it easy to distinguish between other family member's Health Records Organizers.
    Choose from five available colors including:

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