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Frequently Asked Questions

The Importance of Your Medical Records

Q: Why is it important to have my medical records?
A: Your medical "biography" will be used to assess any current symptoms, as well as address any questions your caregiver or family might have if you are unable to address them yourself. A clear understanding of your history helps your health care provider make appropriate choices regarding your health care.

Q: Isn't most medical record information kept electronically?
A: At this time, less than one in five doctors nationally has computerized patient medical records. Multiple obstacles must be resolved before electronic medical records can be available:

  • Patient information privacy
  • The cost to private medical practices
  • Shared technology among providers, hospitals and surgical centers

The current administration is estimating that a universal electronic medical record system will not be available for many years and will carry a cost of approximately $300 billion.

Q: Couldn't I keep all this information on my computer?
A: Yes. However, that information would not be available to your caregivers in an emergency and you would not be able to combine hard-copy information with your computer information for easy reference. MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer enables you to enter and save your medical tracking forms on your computer using our user-friendly CD-ROM. You can then print those pages to keep in your Organizer so that the information is easily accessible whenever you need it.

Q: Why should I keep a history of the prescriptions I take?
A: All medications have contraindications that can lead to very serious side effects and in some cases fatal drug interactions. Recording all of your medications and dosages - past and present - will assist in avoiding errors; and MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer makes it easy. Additionally, in the event of hospitalization or a medical emergency, health care providers are required to assess all current medications to ensure appropriate treatment.

Q: Why is it important that I write down my symptom's if I have on-going pain or other health problems?
A: What feels like simple heartburn could be a cardiac event. Clear descriptions of symptoms will help providers correctly diagnose the problem and order the appropriate tests.

Q: Why is my family's health important to me?
A: Medical research is determining that a great deal of diseases could be due to family history as well as environmental inputs. A clear family health history can provide valuable information in diagnosing you as well as future generations.

Q: Can I put all of my family into one MyPROTM Medical Health Records Organizer?
A: No. Each patient's own Organizer offers a different perspective, showing all your health-related information. It can include any information that affects YOUR health. The purpose of the Organizer is to ensure YOUR information is used to provide you the best possible health care. Including other family members could lead to inappropriate care or wrong decisions that could lead to dire consequences and even death.

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